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Location sound


  • My aim is always to deliver the best sound recording possible, in the most professional way!

  • Whether it's a feature film, TV series, documentary, commercial or even a live music recording..

- no project is too big or too small.. I've done it all!

High end equipment

  • Working with my own gear, high end and most dependable sound equipment​​ used in film

  • Depending on the job, I am flexible to working from either my sound cart or straight out of the bag.

Audio Post Production

  • Having studied Audio Post Production and

worked on that for some time,

I chose to focus on Location sound recording.

- However.. I am equipped and experienced to do some

minor audio editing/design work on smaller projects.

  • Need to set the mood?

Before I ventured into the art of sound recording I was a musician - and still am of course!

I have written and recorded some original music to docs and shorts, and always enjoy getting those gigs.

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